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What are the steps for the use of cast basalt valve described by the manufacturer of cast basalt plate?

2021-09-06 09:46:33

The manufacturer of cast basalt pipe valve explains that before the use of feed cast basalt valve, carefully check whether the valve disc and diaphragm sealing ring of cast basalt valve are damaged and whether the action of cast stone valve is flexible;

Pay attention to the direction of the inlet and outlet of the feeding cast basalt valve during installation;

The valve can be installed horizontally or vertically;

During flange connection, the sealing gasket shall be lined, and the connecting bolts shall be tightened crosswise and evenly;

Connect the air inlet and outlet pipelines of the cylinder;

Check whether the air inlet and outlet pipelines are connected correctly;

Regularly check the operation of the valve, especially whether the diaphragm seal ring is worn;

Replacement of diaphragm seal ring.

Cast basalt valve

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  • Tel:+86 0535-5632189 / 5666528 / 5637763
  • Fax:+86 0535-5666528 / 5642975
  • Address: No. 6, Zhenxing, Liujiagou Town, Penglai District, Yantai City, Shandong Province
  • Email:z.minhui@plsczsgdfm.com

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