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How important is the role of cast basalt valve described by the manufacturer of cast basalt valve

2021-09-03 05:02:25

Cast basalt valve, cast basalt wear-resistant valve, valve casting manufacturer, cast basalt valve in the steam system, the performance of cast basalt valve plays a very important role in the whole steam transmission and energy saving. When users choose the cast basalt valve, they will choose the blocking cast basalt valve, but this valve has poor sealing, inflexible switching and short service life. It is often necessary to maintain the cast stone valve, especially the cast basalt valve with high switching frequency on the cylinder. Steam begins to leak soon after replacing the packing, which not only affects the working environment, but also wastes a lot of steam. Lin Dewei suggested that in the transportation, distribution and use of steam, bellows sealed cast basalt valves with bellows structure should be selected, and the lower end of stainless steel bellows should be welded to the valve stem to prevent processing fluid from corroding the valve stem. The other end is placed between the valve body and the bonnet to form a static seal. The double seal design is adopted. If the bellows fails, the valve rod packing will also avoid leakage. The bellows welded on the valve rod will maintain stable operation performance and avoid valve rod vibration caused by valve rod vibration. The double sealed corrugated pipe sealed cast basalt valve has long service life and flexible opening and closing operation. More importantly, the steam leakage fault must be terminated after use without frequent maintenance and replacement of packing. Therefore, in the long run, it is very economical to use high-quality steam valves. Because: 1. Zero leakage operation avoids the waste of "operation leakage" which is often ignored. 2. Maintenance free, maintenance and replacement of packing first wastes a lot of labor cost, followed by a lot of packing consumption. 3. Stable operation without shutdown fault. The cast basalt valve that needs to be replaced will leak steam again soon after maintenance. If the production line is continuously produced, it can only be processed until it is closed. In addition, serious leakage may also lead to production line shutdown, and the loss will be difficult to estimate. Features of Lin Dewei steam Bellows cast basalt valve: 1. Co based cemented carbide appears on the sealing surface. 2. The valve core and valve seat are sealed with conical surface. 3. When the valve is opened or closed, point out the lifting position of the valve stem, which is simple to operate. 4. The double sealing performance of stainless steel bellows and graphite packing is reliable. 5. When the valve is opened or closed, the hand wheel will not rise or fall, so it can be used in a narrow space.

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