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Analysis on the main structural composition of cast basalt pipe valve by cast basalt plate manufacturer

2021-09-06 09:54:02

The manufacturer of cast basalt slab explains that the cast basalt pipe valve is mainly composed of valve body, ball top, top plate, crank arm, limit switch, cylinder, etc; The cast basalt pipe valve is provided with a shaft on both sides of the ball top, the ball top is placed between the two shafts, supported by the two shafts and bearings, and installed on the valve body, and the shaft and the ball top are connected through elastic cylindrical pins; The shaft end of one side shaft is provided with a shaft end retaining ring, and the shaft is connected with the shaft end retaining ring through an elastic cylindrical pin; The shaft end of the other shaft is provided with a crank arm, and the shaft is connected with the crank arm through an elastic cylindrical pin; The sealing ring of the upper support ring is arranged in the upper support ring, connected with the upper support ring and placed on the lower support ring, and the lower support ring is placed on the upper end face of the valve body.

The cast basalt pipe valve comprises a valve body, a valve plate, a valve shaft, a sealing ring and a pressing plate. The upper end of the valve body is provided with a groove, and the groove is equipped with a sealing ring. The sealing ring is fixed on the valve body through the pressing plate. The sealing ring is Ω shaped. There is also a support ring in the sealing ring, and the end of the support ring is provided with an annular groove to form an air chamber with the sealing ring. The valve body is also provided with a gas filling hole, The air charging hole is communicated with the air hole on the support ring. There is a gap of 1 to 2 mm between the sealing ring and the valve plate when it is not inflated. The beneficial effect of this product is that the valve is sealed during inflation, and the sealing is reliable. In the opening and closing process, the valve plate and the sealing ring have no friction and long service life.

Cast basalt pipe valve

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