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The manufacturer of cast basalt pipe valve introduces the maintenance of cast basalt valve

2021-09-06 09:44:54

Cast basalt valve is a device used in fluid system to control fluid direction, pressure and flow. The cast basalt valve is equipped in the pipeline to make the medium (liquid, gas, powder, etc.) in the piping and equipment flow or stop and control its flow.

Cast basalt valve series are diversified, including manual pinch valve, manual gapless gate valve, three-way automatic directional valve, etc. among them, manual directional valve and manual gapless gate valve can be made into pneumatic or electric form.

In the application of cast basalt valve series, improper storage will cause damage to the valve, so we should take good care of the valve, do not pile it up, place the valve neatly in the warehouse, and pay attention to avoid the contact between the flange connecting surface and the ground to ensure that the valve is not damaged; For valves that are not used for a short time, asbestos packing shall be taken out to avoid electrochemical corrosion and damage to the valve stem; The valves that have just entered the warehouse need to be checked. If rainwater or dirt enters during transportation, they should be wiped clean and then stored; It is recommended to seal the inlet and outlet of the cast basalt valve with wax paper or plastic sheet to prevent dirt from entering; For valves that can rust in the atmosphere, the surface shall be coated with antirust oil for protection; If the valve is placed outdoors, it must be covered with rainproof, dustproof and other cloth.

In addition, the cast basalt valve series will also have such and such fault problems in the process of use. To prolong the service life of the valve and ensure the reliability of opening and closing, pay attention to the maintenance of the valve in use: the thread of the valve rod will often rub with the valve rod nut, and apply a little butter or graphite powder to lubricate it; For valves that do not open and close for a long time, it is necessary to rotate the hand wheel regularly and add lubricant to the stem threads to prevent biting; For valves placed outdoors, the valve stem shall be protected from rain, snow, dust and rust; If the valve is mechanically driven, add lubricating oil to the gearbox on time and keep the valve clean; The valve stem, especially the threaded part, shall be cleaned frequently and new lubricant shall be added to prevent hard sundries in the dust from wearing the thread and valve stem surface, otherwise the service life of the valve will be affected.

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