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The manufacturer of cast basalt pipe valve introduces the handling of cast basalt pipe valve

2021-09-06 09:52:17

1. During the handling, loading, unloading and transportation of cast basalt pipe valves, attention shall be paid to prevent bumping and impact of cast basalt pipe valves, moisture and pressure, so as to avoid damage to mechanical parts.

2. If the product cannot be installed in time, it shall be coated with anti rust oil regularly at the rust prone part of the product, wrapped in plastic bags, put into the original packaging box, and stored in the warehouse or in a suitable environment. It shall not be upside down. Storage environment: the temperature is - 5 ~ 50 ℃, and the relative humidity is no more than 65%.

3. The storage of cast basalt pipe valves shall be checked regularly. Once problems are found, they shall be solved in time to avoid damaging the valve by harmful factors.

Cast basalt pipe valve

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  • Tel:+86 0535-5632189 / 5666528 / 5637763
  • Fax:+86 0535-5666528 / 5642975
  • Address: No. 6, Zhenxing, Liujiagou Town, Penglai District, Yantai City, Shandong Province
  • Email:z.minhui@plsczsgdfm.com

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