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"Shandong famous brand product"
  • Cast Basalt Products/ Cast Basalt Products
    The cast basalt products produced by our company include cast basalt plate, cast basalt pipe and cast basalt composite pipe. Cast basalt has excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • Valve Series/ Valve Series
    The optimization design method of mixed discrete variables is adopted. On the premise of safe and reliable work, giving full play to the potential of materials is to meet the stress criterion in mechanics.
  • Pipe fitting series/ Pipe Fitting Series
    The flexible pipe joint is composed of pipe clamp, sealing ring, limit ring and screw. It is installed at one side of the valve pipeline or at the inlet and outlet of the water pump in the pump house.
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    • 1986

      Creation time

    • 56000

      Land occupation scale

    • 15000
      T / A

      Production strength

    • 20


    why choose us?
    Four reasons for choosing us
    Specializing in cast basalt products
    • Strong strength
    • Excellent quality
    • Many kinds
    • Good service
    • No. 1 Strong strength
      Strong strength and assured quality
      A single basalt cast basalt production line and machining equipment with an annual output of 5000 wear-resistant valves and 20000 clamp type flexible pipe joints.
    • No.2 Excellent quality
      Superior quality and strict control
      Cast basalt products mainly include cast basalt pipe, cast basalt composite pipe and cast basalt slab, which are widely used in electric power, coal, mining, metallurgy and so on.
    • No.3 Many kinds
      Variety and quality assurance
      The company's main products include cast basalt pipe, cast basalt plate, cast basalt powder, cast basalt composite pipe, etc.
    • No.4 Good service
      Considerate service and perfect after-sales service
      The products have been fully recognized by the market and praised by the majority of customers, and serve customers at home and abroad wholeheartedly 24 hours a day.

    +86 0535-5632189

    about us
    about us
    Specializing in cast basalt products

    Penglai Shuicheng cast basalt pipeline valve Co., Ltd. has a single basalt cast basalt production line with a production capacity of 15000 tons / year and machining equipment with an annual output of 5000 wear-resistant valves and 20000 clamp flexible pipe joints.

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