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Cast basalt pipe valve manufacturers introduce the technical advantages of cast basalt pipe valves

2021-09-06 09:55:53

Cast basalt pipe valve, cast basalt valve, wear-resistant cast basalt valve 1. Low opening and closing torque: the cast basalt pipe valve plate relies on the medium pressure as the main sealing force. When the cast basalt pipe valve is opened, the slurry enters the gap between the sealing plate and the ram, which reduces the pressure between the cast basalt pipe valve and the sealing plate, thus reducing the friction between the sealing surfaces, protecting the sealing surfaces and reducing the manufacturing cost.

2. Long service life of sealing surface

The valve body free design eliminates the sealing friction caused by unilateral differential pressure. In the opening and closing stage, the sealing surface is only affected by the bolt preload, so it can protect the sealing surface with angular effect, greatly reduce the friction loss of slurry on the sealing surface, prolong the service life and improve the sealing reliability.

3. Especially suitable for high voltage

It is suitable for frequent opening and closing and high-pressure occasions. Therefore, it is widely used in slurry transportation of particulate matter in metallurgy, power plant, industry, chemical industry and other departments, especially in medium and high pressure slurry pipeline.

4. The security is greatly improved

The travel switch and lower limit block are designed for the cast basalt pipe valve to ensure that the ram can reach the fully open and fully closed positions to a greater extent; When opening, the gap between the sealing plate and the ram can effectively balance the opening and closing differential pressure, so as to reduce the leakage of the ram due to wear.

5. The combined slurry valve is easy to process and maintain

The structure is extremely simple, the processing technology is easy to realize, the design accuracy can be better guaranteed, and the detection is convenient. The sealing surface is easy to manufacture and maintain on site, and the installation accuracy is low, which ensures the smooth progress of on-site operation.

Cast basalt pipe valve

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