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How to correctly use, maintain and repair cast basalt valves?

2021-09-03 02:52:40

Cast basalt valve is a commonly used block valve, which is mainly used to connect or cut off the medium in the pipeline. Cast basalt valve in the pipeline system, the time of not operating the cast basalt valve is very little, because it needs regular maintenance.

A small amount of packing leakage can be solved by simply tightening the packing gland nut. However, when the packing is damaged, the packing must be replaced. When replacing packing, the valve must be fully opened and the upper seal works (generally possible under pressure). When replacing, install appropriate packing in the stuffing box, tighten the packing gland nut, and check regularly in the future to prevent the gland nut from loosening.

When replacing valve disc parts, lift the valve stem, disassemble the valve cover, then install a new valve disc on the new clamping frame, rotate the valve stem until the valve disc is separated from the clamping frame, replace it with a new valve disc and clamping frame, and install it into the valve. The operation of replacing the valve disc is convenient.

In order to grind the disc (a newer valve can be ground), apply a small amount of abrasive on the disc, and then grind. The grinding method is to place a shaft pin on the disc nut groove and the hole of the valve stem support head, place the assembly in the valve body, unscrew the connecting sleeve, and then grind it alternately in forward and reverse directions. Use the valve rod as a grinding tool and grind after putting abrasive. The grinding shall not be excessive. When grinding is complete, remove the abrasive and lubricate the threads.

Check valve. The function of the check valve is to allow only one-way flow of fluid to prevent medium backflow.

The lifting check valve is the most common in urea plant. Its valve disc moves up and down along the center line of the channel, with reliable action, but large fluid resistance. It is suitable for small and medium-sized platforms. Lift check valves can be divided into straight through type and vertical or angle type. Straight through lifting check valve can only be installed in horizontal pipeline, while vertical lifting check valve - generally should be installed in vertical pipeline, and the medium flows from bottom to top, while angle lifting check valve can only be installed in vertical pipeline.

Pay special attention when adjusting the larger spring-loaded safety valve, because neither the user, manufacturer or maintenance workshop has enough ability to accurately verify the discharge pressure. No adjustment shall be made to the spring-loaded safety valve unless it is accurately adjusted in the manufacturer or on the actual device.

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