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What is the recrystallization hardening treatment of cast basalt slab?

2021-10-18 17:17:02

The recrystallization hardening treatment of cast basalt slab is to use basalt crystal hardener, basalt crystal hardener, basalt vitrification agent and other materials to make the surface of basalt veneer have the use characteristics of increasing surface hardness, gloss, clarity, wear resistance, skid resistance and anti pollution, and can repair small scratches and chicken claw lines on the basalt surface. Under the action of machinery, some special chemical materials are combined and micro rheological reaction with the structure and structure of basalt surface such as cast basalt slab with the help of the heat generated during friction, so as to produce a new hard and bright blend crystal layer, so as to improve the hardness and wear resistance of basalt.

The hardness of basalt is the main factor that determines the speed of basalt grinding, recrystallization and hardening. The hardness of basalt depends on the mineral hardness of basalt, and is affected by the structure and structure of basalt.

The higher the bulk density of basalt, the better the effect of basalt recrystallization hardening. When the bulk density of basalt is more than 2.65g/cm3, the castability of basalt is very good. On the contrary, the castability of basalt with small bulk density is poor.

We can solve the problem by scraping the resin on the basalt, but in the actual construction, we don't agree with this approach. For one thing, the cost will be increased, and for the other, there are too many restrictive factors (such as construction period, material selection, oxidation yellowing of resin, protection of construction site, etc.).

We usually choose basalt protective agent to increase the bulk density of basalt.

The water absorption of basalt with large bulk density is less than that of basalt with small bulk density. The reaction time between basalt crystal hardener and basalt surface with small water absorption is long enough, which is conducive to the completion of basalt recrystallization and hardening. For basalts with high water absorption, the reaction time between basalt crystal hardener and basalt surface is too short, which is not conducive to the formation of basalt polishing layer. The polishing of terrazzo and concrete is a typical example.

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