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The method of installing cast basalt slab on coal bunker is introduced

2021-09-15 03:41:25

Installation method of cast basalt slab on coal bunker:

1. During the installation and construction of cast basalt slab. 45 ° groove lapping must be used up and down. The upper slab joint must be filled with plastic sealant, so as to avoid the falling off of lining plate caused by the immersion of raw coal into the slab joint;

2. The blanking chute and electric vibrator under the hopper shall also be equipped with modified coal bunker lining plate to prevent coal blockage under the bunker;

3. The angle of the blanking chute under the hopper shall be more than 120 ° to avoid the formation of bottleneck and coal blockage.

4. In the season of high moisture of raw coal in summer, the cast basalt slab shall speed up the turnover speed of raw coal in the warehouse as much as possible, reduce the storage time of raw coal in the warehouse and prevent its consolidation in the warehouse;

5. The hopper in the bunker - a hyperbolic circular hopper with an inclination of more than 55 ° must be selected to ensure the consistency of angles in all parts of the hopper, so as to make the raw coal go down more smoothly. The outlet of the hopper is circular. The blanking opening of the raw coal bunker is connected with the coal feeder in the way of heaven square and earth circle, which can greatly reduce coal accumulation and give better play to the role of modified cast basalt slab.

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