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Analysis on the processing and application of cast basalt slab

2021-10-26 14:45:21

There are three categories of cast basalt plates: general shape, general shape and special shape. Common plates include rectangular plate, trapezoidal plate, hexagonal plate, sector plate, circular plate, etc; Ordinary special-shaped plates include arc plate, chute panel, ash ditch straight ditch panel, etc; Special shaped plates include: double curved plate, cone plate, sieve castor bar wear-resistant cast basalt plate, ash slag ditch, bend, reducer, confluence, second fork, third fork plate, etc. A wide range of equipment lined cast basalt plates are included in the above categories of products.

Due to the poor toughness and high hardness of cast basalt products, it is difficult to cut and process them. Generally, the products are processed according to a certain shape and size. The fixing method is masonry and inlay.

It is difficult to cut the cast basalt lining plate. Generally, the cast basalt plate manufacturer is required to produce plates of various specifications according to the ingredients in the drawing as far as possible to meet the needs of users. However, in the actual operation of the project, it is difficult to avoid local cutting. Due to the brittleness of cast basalt lining plate, mechanical cutting cannot be used, and burning cutting or electric cutting shall be used.

1. Burning and cutting is to put two wet asbestos cloth on the cast basalt lining plate, leave a marked processing line in the middle, and spray the flame of oxygen block blowpipe back and forth along the processing line. When the surface of the cast basalt lining plate has been burned to the molten state, it will stop (about 2-3 minutes). At this time, the cast basalt lining plate can be broken with a gentle rub, but the disadvantage of this method is that the cut is not neat.

2. For electric cutting, nickel chromium resistance wire can be wrapped and burned on the marked processing line, and then powered on. After 2-3 minutes, power off (the resistance wire should be burned red. If the current is insufficient, a pressure gauge can be used). Brush along the processing line with cold water with a brush, and the cast basalt lining plate will crack.

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