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What are the characteristics of acid resistant mastic configured with cast basalt powder in processing?

2021-11-01 17:21:48

The acid resistant mastic of cast basalt slab is composed of potassium water glass, cast basalt powder, quartz powder, curing agent, additives, accelerators and other additives, which are stirred and used according to a certain proportion. It can resist inorganic acids such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid and hydrochloric acid, as well as various mixed acids (such as aqua regia) and most organic acids. In particular, it has better corrosion resistance to sulfuric acid strong oxidizing medium and high-temperature dilute acid than other mastic materials.

However, acid resistant mastic is not resistant to alkali, hydrofluoric acid, fluorosilicic acid greater than 15% and phosphoric acid above 300C. The acid resistant mastic of wear-resistant cast basalt slab has good integrity and can withstand high temperature and temperature difference changes. Its mechanical properties are equivalent to ordinary concrete above 200. It can withstand certain external force and impact, and can tamp large integral containers. Moreover, it has sufficient supply of raw materials, low cost and convenient construction.

Compared with organic mastic, acid resistant and heat-resistant materials are cheap. It not only has the same corrosion resistance of organic mastic, but also has the unique corrosion resistance of strong oxidizing medium. At present, it has been widely used to tamp various overall acid resistant equipment, acid resistant lining and acid resistant floor in China. In recent years, it has also been used to tamp load-bearing components such as plant beams, columns and equipment supports corroded by acid solution and acid mist.

The compressive strength of acid resistant concrete from the basalt slab manufacturer is greater than 20 kg / cm2; In addition to the shear strength, other mechanical properties do not decrease after acid leaching, but increase with the extension of acid leaching time. In particular, the elastic modulus is much greater than that of the same grade concrete after acid leaching, which is conducive to be used as a load-bearing structure. Since the mechanical performance of acid resistant mastic has a development law similar to that of concrete, the mechanical calculation can be carried out according to the standard strength of concrete of the same grade in the component design. After production and use, the actual strength of the components can be improved, so as to improve the safety of the components. In order to make the acid resistant mastic have good water resistance and dilute acid resistance, the surface acidification treatment must be carried out after construction maintenance (fully dry), and the pickling times shall not be less than four times.

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