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海阳Steel plastic composite pipe

2021-09-26 15:40:59
海阳Steel plastic composite pipe

Applying the new technology in the field of modern science, our factory cooperates with Beijing University of science and technology and selects PE, Po and other plastic materials to develop steel plastic composite pipe, with the leading technical level. Steel plastic composite pipe is composed of coating, infiltration layer and steel pipe layer from inside to outside.

Product features:

1. Executive standard: steel plastic composite pipe shall comply with hg20538-92 standard. Basic pipe shall comply with gb163-1999 standard.

2. Corrosion resistance;

3. The working medium temperature is 10'C ~ + 80'c;

4. The total project cost is low: the steel plastic composite pipe reduces the support cost, handling cost and use cost due to its light weight. The total engineering cost of steel plastic composite pipe is reduced by 15-20%. Long service life.

5. Non toxic and wide range of application: gangwang composite pipe is infiltrated with special plastic materials, which is non-toxic. It has no pollution and can be widely used in beverage, food, brewing, pharmaceutical, tap water and other industries.

6. Installation and transportation: pipes or pipe fittings shall be protected before delivery, and other packaging forms can also be adopted according to user requirements.

During installation, the workpiece shall be lifted and lowered gently to prevent damage to the flange and lining, and violent collision and knocking on the sealing surface shall be avoided. Rubber gasket or fluoroplastic coated cushion sheet shall be added at the connection of two flanges. When tightening bolts, the force shall be symmetrical and balanced.

7. Connection mode: flange connection or quick connector connection can be adopted.

8. Product specification: D120 ~ d1t500 various types of wear-resistant straight pipe, elbow and reducer.

Physical and chemical properties of steel plastic composite pipe:

physical propertyExperimental projectCompanyperformance indexExecutive standard
tensile testtensile strengthMPa>12GBJ040
Fineness (60 mesh sieve)/≤5%/
Pinhole leak detection/No leakage pointSY063
impact strength
Bending performance (4 °)
peel strengthN/cm²>50GB2992
Environmental stress cracking resistanceh≥1000SY/T0447
Chemical propertiesChemical immersion resistance

Retention rate
Saturated hypochlorous acid/%>80
Retention rate of salt spray resistance test(1000h)/%>80GB1771
Heat aging(100℃、100d)/Retention rate/%>80SYJ18

Steel plastic composite pipe

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