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海阳Ceramic lined composite pipe

2021-09-26 15:34:11
海阳Ceramic lined composite pipe

Purpose and specification:

Ceramic lined composite steel pipe has excellent wear resistance, heat resistance, mechanical resistance and thermal shock resistance, and is easy to weld and install. It is especially suitable for material transportation conditions with strict wear and erosion, such as material pipeline input in coal-fired power generation, metallurgy, medium carbon, mining, building materials and other industries. It is an ideal high wear resistance and high temperature resistant pipeline.

In 1998, the product passed the achievements and product appraisal of the Ministry of metallurgy and the Ministry of electric power respectively. It is a key support and promotion project of the national "863" high-tech new materials expert committee, and has been listed in the ninth five year torch plan by the State Science and Technology Commission.

Our factory can produce nominal diameter φ  50- φ  150mm ceramic compound pipe, elbow and various heterosexual pipe fittings.

Product features:

1. Good wear resistance: the inner County of the ceramic lined Kaitai steel pipe is corundum ceramics, with a Mohs hardness of more than 9.0, equivalent to more than hrc90. Therefore, it has high wear resistance to any dielectric shield transported by power, coal, metallurgy and mines.

2. Low running resistance loss

3. Low project cost: due to the light weight of ceramic inner village composite steel pipe, the cost of support and hanger is reduced. The total project cost of ceramic composite steel pipe is equivalent to that of cast stone pipe, and the project residual price is reduced by 20-30% compared with wear-resistant steel pipe.

4. Good moisture resistance: the ceramic lined composite steel pipe can operate normally for a long time in the temperature range of - 50c-900c, and the material linear expansion coefficient is 6-8x 10 * / C

5. Convenient installation and construction: the product has good comprehensive properties such as heat resistance and mechanical impact resistance. Welding, flange connection, quick joint connection and other methods can be adopted. The construction is safe and convenient, and the installation cost can be reduced.

Wear resistance of ceramic lined composite steel pipe:

Sand blasting contrast test (SiC sand)30%SIO₂ Mud scouring contrast experiment
Material ScienceVolume reductionMaterial Scienceloss of volume
97% aluminum oxide tube0.002545 steel25
Ceramic lined composite steel pipe0.0022
Ceramic lined composite steel pipe3

Physical and mechanical properties of ceramic lined composite steel pipe:

Project data materialsstrength HVKg/mm²
crushing strength(MPa)surface qualityDensity of ceramic layer(g/cm³)
Compressive shear strength (interlayer bonding strength MPa)
Mechanical impact (number of times of impact when the mechanical energy is 50J and cracks are generated in contact with the ceramic of the pipe body)Thermal shock resistance (temperature when cracks appear in the ceramic layer after heating water for three times)
Carbon steel pipe149411/////
Ceramic lined composite steel pipe1100-1400

The ceramic lined composite steel pipe has been tested for ash conveying resistance by authoritative units, and the results are as follows:

Comparison pipeAbsolute roughnessRelative roughnessClear water resistance coefficient
Hydraulic transmissionPneumatic conveyingHydraulic transmissionPneumatic conveying
Ordinary pipe0.119
Ceramic lined composite steel pipe0.018

Ceramic lined composite pipe

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