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海阳Wear resistant gate valve

2021-09-27 10:32:08
海阳Wear resistant gate valve

Purpose and specification:

Cz43h 73h series wear-resistant gate valve has the characteristics of light weight, small volume, flexible opening and long service life. The product is mainly used for opening and closing in thousand ash system, pulverized coal system and cement industry.

usage method:

This product relies on the hand wheel driving device to drive the valve rod to move, so as to drive the ram to move. The product is mainly used for opening and closing. Throttling is not allowed.

Precautions and maintenance:

1. Clean the channel during installation and no dirt is allowed to adhere.

2. When the ram cannot be closed in place, remove the perspective cover on the bottom surface and clean it.

3. This product can be installed vertically or horizontally.

performance parameter:

performance主要零件材料Main connection dimensions
Applicable mediaworking temperaturePart nameMaterial ScienceSpecificationsL
A x AB x B
Dry ash pulverized coal cement40℃~200℃
valve bodyQ235A Plate welding150 x 150
65/150290 x 290234 x 234
200 x 20065/150340 x 340284 x 284
250 x 25070/150
380 x 380324 x 324
Valve stem2Cr13300 x 30075/150430 x 430
364 x 364
350 x 35075/200480 x 480440 x 440
Stem nutCast aluminum bronze400 x 40075/250530 x 530490 x 490
450 x 45075/250570 x 570530 x 530
500 x 50075/300
620 x 620580 x 580

Note: the upper part of the inclined rod is cz73h series and the lower part is cz43 series.

The bolt hole connection size is made according to the user's requirements.

Wear resistant gate valve

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